MAXXIS Off-road Challenge

MAXXIS Tires is giving off-road vehicle owners, SUVs or pickups, a chance for another off-road fun this year. The year-long annual MAXXIS 4x4 Cup Philippines: Off-road Challenge 2019 is set for an even wilder and tougher race, as it takes racers to various provinces in the country. 

The annual 4x4 off-road cup is presented by the National Association of Filipino Off-Roaders (NAsFOR). The race features route twists, extremely muddy terrain, uneven ground, and waist-level puddles—basically tracks that only tough 4WD vehicles can handle. More importantly, these are tracks that MAXXIS Tires like the Mud Trepador M9060 and Razr MT772 are designed for.

The MAXXIS 4x4 Cup Philippines: Off-road Challenge 2019 is happening until December 2019. There are 9 races scheduled until the last month of the month. The first race took place at Aurora last February 9 to 10. The next race will happen in February 16 to 17 in Ilocos. For the complete schedule, you may refer to the image below.


Other than the race itself, MAXXIS is bringing in something else to excite and motivate this year’s participants. According to Ramon To-ong, NAsFOR Events Director, the Driver of the Year for the MAXXIS 4x4 Cup Philippines: Off-road Challenge 2019 will be sent to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia to compete in Borneo Safari – a renowned off-road event that grants drivers to traverse the challenging terrain of Sabah.

“We’re extremely excited to announce another cycle of the MAXXIS 4x4 Cup Philippines: Off-road Challenge happening this year in several provinces across the nation. The off-road community has grown so much in the 8 years that MAXXIS has been co-presenting this year-round race event. We promise both the fans and participants a whole new level of thrill and action this 2019.”

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