Mazda 3 turbo

Mazda has published a short video teaser of what could be a new high-performance turbocharged version of its popular Mazda 3. The 14-second clip doesn’t indicate too much information, however, revving engine noises can be heard. 

No technical information was shown in the video with regards to the engine noise being heard in the video. However, signs point to it being the Japanese brand’s 2.5-liter turbo four-cylinder gasoline engine that can be found in the brand’s other vehicles such as the Mazda 6, CX-5, and in the CX-9.

mazda 2.5 skyactiv

If this rumor holds to be true then it could be the likely engine that will be placed in the new turbocharged Mazda 3. While the Skyactiv motor in its stock form only pushes out about 228hp and 420 Nm of torque, the Japanese may increase the power for the upcoming variant. With the increase in power, the new turbocharged Mazda 3 is expected to be able to compete with the likes of the Honda Civic Type R and the Volkswagen Golf GTI.

As for its transmission, speculations suggest that the new variant will not be coming with a manual gearbox. While this could be a blow to racing enthusiasts Mazda’s 6-speed automatic transmission has proven itself to be able to handle the rigors of performance driving. While the new variant will use a turbo, reports have suggested that it will not be using the Mazdaspeed nameplate.

While Mazda is doing a good job at keeping the specifications of the new variant of the Mazda 3 well under wraps, one thing is for certain and that is the new model will be launching on July 8, 2020, in the United States. With a concrete released date in play, it will only be a matter of time until we officially see the launch of the new Mazda 3 turbo.

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