Mazda introduces new environment-friendly Aqua-tech paint

For many years, carmakers have been using oil-based paint products on their vehicles. This produces optimum paint quality, but the trade off is the emission of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC). As an alternative, they turned to water-based products. While this helped reduce VOC, it increased CO2 emotion and energy consumption because of its drying process.

Mazda addressed this with its new Aqua-tech Paint System. This new technology is an improved water-based painting system which has 2 key features: a new paint formula and a more efficient application process.

The new paint has a water-based color basecoat and a urethane clear coat for improved VOC/CO2 emission and faster drying. Best part is that the new system has an even more lustrous paint quality.

This is helped by an improved application process which has a new paint booth with better air conditioning. It stabilizes the paint’s water molecules before hitting the car body for faster and more efficient drying, thus reducing emission of harmful fumes and improving power consumption.

We'll continue to develop innovative technologies at our parent factories in Japan before introducing them at the same high standards overseas. In this way, we'll provide customers around the world with high-quality cars and contribute both to preserving the environment and enriching society," said Mazda Motor Corporation Senior Managing Executive Officer Kiyotaka Shobuda.

Changan Mazda Automobile Co. Ltd. (CMA), Mazda Motor Corporation’s factory in Jiangsu, China, is the brand’s first overseas production plant to adapt the new Aqua-tech Paint System. Hopefully, it will be applied to their other plants outside Japan as well. As Mr. Shobuda said, this is Mazda’s way of promoting environment conservation.

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