Mazda to join electric vehicle trend by 2019

Electric vehicles are starting to become a trend – and Mazda’s head of research and development, Kiyoshi Fujiwara, believes so too. Although, we have to wait for 3 more years before the Japanese marque introduce its first electric vehicle (EV).

In a report by Car Advice, Fujiwara confirmed that they are to introduce their first EV by 2019. He recognized the impending demand for EVs globally, but he digressed, saying that they are still focused on developing internal combustion engines for now. 

Probably by 2020 globally, 5 to 10% [of vehicle sales] will be pure EV, while the other 95-90 will still use ICE (internal combustion engine). Therefore ICE is [still] the most important technology all over the world,” Fujiwara told to Car Advice.

Moreover, Fujiwara also confirmed partnership with Toyota when it comes to the development of their EVs – inline to what’s reported earlier this month. This is for cost efficiency, but he advised that they are still in discussion as to which part will they share with the other Japanese company.

As for the platform, it’s more likely that the new EV will be based on an existing one, unless a huge battery is required to run the car. Fujiwara also said that they might integrate their rotary engine into the EV to maximize its range, further boosting the performance on the road.

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Source: Car Advice

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