The GT Radial x 8 Oras ng Pilipinas took place last December 3, 2017 at the Clark International Speedway (CIS). Participating in this prestigious motorsport event are the graduates of the Automobile Association Philippines - Motor Sports Development Program (AAP-MSDP).

During the 2017 GT Radial x 8 Oras ng Pilipinas endurance race, team AAP-MSDP-Bermaz Mazda (Mazda PH team) drove a stock Mazda2 hatchback. This was driven by the 2016 MSDP finalists Carlos Marzo, Andre delos Santos, Hazel Ramirez, Miguel Reyes, Armand Marcaida, and the 2015 MSDP top finalist Polo Bautista.

Mazda PH team used a stock Mazda2 SkyActiv hatchback during the 8-hour endurance race. As such, the said vehicle completed 163 laps to take home 6th place in the FM3 class.

With the MSDP finalists’ expert driving and the team’s masterful management of the race, the Mazda2 has proven yet again its stamina and reliability in this year’s 8-hour endurance challenge.

In its 2 years of participation, the Mazda2 SkyActiv hatchback completed a total of 323 laps and even won the 2016 Manufacturer’s Class, a testament to the vehicle’s reliability and durability.

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