McLaren BP23 Hyper-GT

391 km/h. This is how fast the iconic McLaren F1 is. That's a drive from Metro Manila to Sagada in an hour if it was a flat road and there’s no speed limit. This was McLaren's greatest achievement in the world of hypercars – until the company formulated a new breed of a monster. 

We are talking about the 3-seat McLaren Hyper-GT, and it isn't scared going beyond the F1’s 391 km/h. Codenamed as BP23, the Hyper-GT is foreseen to be the fastest and most luxurious McLaren ever made. It adopts a 3-seat cabin layout with central driving position similar to the F1 model.

There aren't much details yet regarding the Hyper-GT's technical specifications, or how fast it can really go. However, McLaren said that the hypercar will get a hybrid powertrain. How big or small, we still can't say, but McLaren promised to release official information days prior to the launch.

Meanwhile, production is set to begin at the latter part of 2019 and only 106 units will be made; all of which are already sold at 1.6 million euros (P102.7 million).

The Hyper-GT will debut by the end of 2018, with private preview for its lined-up depositors. Just wait till these guys decides to let go of theirs if you want one.

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