Michelin Ph announces price drop for Passenger Car tires

Contrary to the well-known but very much despised trend of rising consumer prices, Michelin Philippines has decided to make their range of tires 'more affordable' starting October 1, 2015? Why? Because they can.

This includes their line-up passenger car, SUV, and light truck tires that, according to their website, include models such as the Energy XM2, Pilot Sport Cup 2, Latitude LTX A/T, and Agilis just to name a few. Michelin, however, failed to specify exactly how much was slashed off the suggested retail price, only pegging it at around 10 to 25%. That's because it highly varies depending on tire model, tire size, and dealership.

But whatever the rollback may be, it's still good news for us road users.

“Michelin cares about safety, first and foremost. Thanks to this initiative, we, through our partner-distributors in the country, are happy to make our tires more affordable for our Filipino consumers so they can experience firsthand what makes our tires different from the competition,” said Michael Nunag, Chief Representative of Michelin Philippines.

Do note that Michelin's action is not simply a promo or discount, but is a permanent SRP change.

Find out more about Michelin's tire line up and retail store locations at www.michelin.com.ph.

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