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One of the few truths in this world is that we can’t have nice things like the Toyota Corolla Touring Sports. Another one is that tires age the moment they went out of the shelves and fitted into cars. Normally, as tires age, the tread depth goes more shallow, which then lessens the tires performance, particularly the braking distance.

But what if a tire company challenges all other brands by making tires that perform so well, it can outdo brand new tires even when already worn out? Yes, Michelin Philippines just did that, and they conducted tests to back up that claim.

Introducing the Michelin Primacy 4 premium tires, and it stands by the phrase “safe when new, safe when worn.” To substantiate that, Michelin did brake tests during its regional launch in Thailand through TÜV Rheinland Thailand Limited. The premise: wet braking test from 80 km/h to 0 km/h, same vehicle (Honda Accord, 225/50R17), Michelin Primacy 4 tires (brand new and worn out) versus undisclosed four other premium brands of tires, also brand new and worn out.

In their tests, a brand new set of Michelin Primacy 4 tires braked 2.5m shorter than the average of the other four brands. On the worn-out-tires test, which means the tires have 2mm remaining tied depth, Michelin outperformed the other four brands by 5.1m. What’s surprising, though, was that the worn-out Michelin Primacy 4 tires even had a shorter braking distance than the new set from other brands.

Here’s a short video from Michelin so you could see what we’re talking about:

While this can be too much for a claim, it was tested under the eyes of international motoring journalists present in its Thailand launch, so that could add some credibility to it. What couldn’t be objectively tested, though, is the other promise that comes with the Primacy 4 tires – silent tires that provide the ultimate driving comfort and experience through the 2nd-generation Silent Rib Technology. It features interlocking bands to minimize the deformation of tread blocks as the tires roll. With that, air pumping sound effects are reduced and better shock absorption are provided, no matter what the situation demands.

The new MICHELIN Primacy 4 addresses two major pain points of consumers in our country: safety journey after journey, due to unfavorable road conditions and rain-related accidents; and on comfort, due to challenging road and traffic conditions.

Nunag also added the Primacy 4 tires launched here in the country are specifically made for Southeast Asia, which means they’re made to withstand tropical climate and unforgiving roads.

The new Michelin Primacy 4 is available in 64 sizes, from 15- to 18-inch diameter. It’s now available in TYREPLUS and in authorized Michelin dealerz nationwide.

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