Michelin launches the new Primacy SUV tire

Tires play a vital role in safety being the only contact between the car and the road. With this in mind, Michelin Philippines recently launched what they say is “the most important safety feature on your SUV” - the Primacy SUV tire. Here are its key features.


It helps your SUV stop shorter in wet conditions

Wet roads reduce tire grip and car at times result to hydroplaning making stopping a lot harder. The new tires feature the FlexMax 2.0's highly flexible tread, rounded chamfer design, and the StabiliGrip. All these contribute in helping your SUV stop 2.3m earlier compared to their leading competitor. 

To put things in perspective, that's approximately the size of a subcompact hatchback. In case of an accident, that could be the difference between life and death.

It improves wet cornering stability

Optimized tread patterns can be seen in the Primacy SUV tires. These patterns provide better grip in corners specially when wet. According to Michelin, the Primacy SUV is 10% more resistant to lateral slipping compared to its leading competitor.

It helps your SUV stop shorter in dry conditions

Michelin developed the Primacy SUV tires without compromise. The StabiliGrip is a testament to that. Its secret lays in its self-locking knobs that minimize tread block deformation, improve handling, and ultimately braking in dry conditions (3.8m vs its leading competitor to be exact), all while being able to perform effectively in wet conditions.


The benefits of owning a set of Michelin Primacy SUV tires don't stop there. These set of tires boast  low noise because of the variation in size and position of its tread blocks. On the other hand, CushionGuard keeps the ride smooth, steady, and comfortable without affecting the other performances like its wet and dry braking.

The new Michelin Primacy SUV tire is recommended for SUVs such as the Toyota Fortuner, Honda CR-V, Nissan X-Trail, Isuzu mu-X, Audi Q7, Volvo XC90, Mitsubishi Pajero, among others. The new tire is already available in all Michelin authorized dealers nationwide.

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