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Cheng Shin Tire (CST), the 8th largest tire manufacturer in the world, launches five new passenger and 4x4 tires. These tires are the Parkour  PK01, the Sahara ATII and Sahara MTII sports utility tires, the Marquis MR61 and the Medallion MD- A1 passenger tires. These tires are designed to deliver improved performance and style.

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If you are into performance driving, you’ll be delighted to know that CST has sports tires that will meet the needs of those who have a need for speed. The Parkour PK01 is a tire that offers high performance and handling ability for both dry and wet situations. The high-speed tire is also optimized with a tread pattern that is designed to give comfort in every ride.

The Sahara - ATII on the other hand, is designed for long drives, heavy loads and is designed for off-road performance. It features a reduced tread pattern void ratio, a square profile design, flat contact patch, and serrated edges. These are all there to optimize grip during off-road situations. The Sahara- MTII is also another choice as it boasts improved mud dispersal, maximized sidewall traction, and high puncture resistance. This is for those who prefer the road less traveled and the road less paved. It also features technology that minimizes temperatures at high speed, helping slow down the rubber compound aging and breaking apart.

For passenger vehicles, CST offers its Mariquis and Medallion line of tires. These offer speed, stability and stronger traction for a comfortable and safe ride. The Marquis MR-16 is an everyday tire that ensures a quiet ride experience with improved handling and performance. It also has enhanced durability and lower rolling resistance, all of this without losing any traction and mileage performance. The Medallion - MD- A1 on the other hand, gives the user better braking and steering confidence as it features a high stiffness and a ribbed design. It also has a closed shoulder groove design that helps prolong the tread life of the tire. 

Pricing has yet to be announced but make sure to check out your local tire shops if they carry the CST brand.

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