Uniqlo X Michelin

Michelin Tire PLC, is partnering with Uniqlo for its Brands Masterpiece series. A project that uses logos from famous brands to add to the UT T-shirt brand of Uniqlo. The Michelin Man has long been an icon that represents quality and performance. The French tire manufacturer’s mascot is still instantly recognizable to many. The brand’s inclusion into the UT line makes perfect sense, since the logo is a pop-culture icon already. 

Since 1898 Michelin has been pioneering quality products and representing them with its Michelin mascot. The Michelin Man turned 120 years old last year and Michelin is honored to be chosen, once again, by Uniqlo for another brand collaboration. 

Michelin Blue

T-shirts featuring the Michelin Man will be sold in stores nationwide, and on the Uniqlo Online Store, under licenses from Michelin Lifestyle Limited. Michelin Uniqlo T-shirts will include men and children’s sizes. For men, the sizing starts from small all the way up to extra large. Extra small and extra large sizes up to 4XL will be available online. Children’s sizes come in 110, 120, 130, 140 and 150 available in store. Size 100 and 160 will be only available online. Two designs will be available, one in blue and one in grey. The Men’s size T-shirts have been available since February 25, and children’s sizes will come out on March 18, 2019. 

Michelin Grey

Head on over to your nearest Uniqlo store today and pick up a tee. Michelin has long been an icon in the tire industry, pioneering new and innovative product lines like their newly refreshed high performance sport tire line, the Pilot Sport Series. Enjoy a quiet and comfortable ride with their Primacy line and experience big car comfort and performance with the Latitude and LTX line. 

What better way to show you love for tires than with a shirt with the Michelin Man printed on it. 

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