MINI Countryman with Autohome AirTop tent

Considering its size, the 2017 Countryman is the most versatile MINI in terms of terrain capability and luggage capacity – thanks to its higher ground clearance and ampler cabin space, which are great for going on an out-of-town drive.  

However, adventures could be quite long and may require an overnight stay. This is when you're going to need a tent – which is not a problem anymore, as a specially designed roof tent from the Italian specialist Autohome is now available for the 2017 Countryman.

According to MINI, it is purposely designed in alignment with the brand and the Countryman’s aesthetics. With this, mounting the roof tent only takes the standard roof rails that comes with it. The attachment system includes steel clamps that can be easily attached on the railings, and does not require the use of any handheld tools.

When folded down, you can almost not feel it on top of your car as the housing is aerodynamically crafted fiber-glass, which reduces air resistance and wind noise. On the other hand, the AirTop can be opened by releasing 4 clasps that are located at the front and rear end of the hardcover. There is no need of exerted energy as the tent is raised by 4 gas-pressure springs that also serve as its pillars. 

Meanwhile, comfort is ensured with the help of the type of fabric used in the exterior covers. Of note, the fabric walls provide good ventilation, rain- and heat-resistance, as well as having a good noise insulation. Additional feature of the mobile tent includes close-meshed mosquito nets, high-density mattress with cotton covers, zippered door and windows, and LED interior light.

Its interior measures about 940mm high, which is enough room for a sitting straight position. With its dimensions of about 2,100mm in length, and a width of 1,300mm, the AirTop tent provides perfect accommodation for 2 persons – great for a couple's out-of-town adventure. 

The Autohome AirTop is now available in MINI Global City, MINI retail Outlet in Molito Alabang, and in MINI Cebu. For a price of P250,000, you can have the AirTop roof tent and the original MINI Crossbar with it.

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