mitsubishi xpander gls sport silver exterior road test

This is a call to all Xpander owners as Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation (MMPC) has issued a recall for the popular MPV. The recall deals with the vehicle’s fuel pump, which could stop working without warning.

The affected units are those which were purchased between May 2018 to October 22, 2019. Mitsubishi states that the procedure itself will take one and a half hours. This may, however, take longer depending on the availability of the service bays and the dealership itself. The Japanese car manufacturer further states that it will replace the fuel pump if it is found to be faulty, but this will be dependent also on the stocks of the replacement fuel pumps available.

Nevertheless, MMPC confirmed that the whole process will be free of charge, as long as the affected Xpander has been verified using the VIN checker found on MMPC’s website.

With that in mind, Mitsubishi is encouraging all owners of these affected Xpander units to get in touch with their preferred service centers and dealerships to schedule an appointment. This is to ensure that the replacement parts are ready and that the vehicles can easily be queued up for servicing.

Mitsubishi Philippines did not go into details regarding the fuel pump issue, but a similar issue has happened to our neighbors in Vietnam. The Xpander units in the country have also been experiencing fuel pump issues. Early failure signs were that the vehicle would have a hard time starting despite having a strong battery, or in worst cases, the vehicle wouldn’t start altogether. 

An investigation done by the Japanese car company has revealed that the resin used in a component found in the fuel pump may swell thus hindering the pump from rotating and working.

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