2022 Mitsubishi Mirage G4

Mitsubishi Philippines has announced that it has extended its free 2-year periodic maintenance service (PMS) package for the Mitsubishi Mirage G4 until February of 2022. The automaker also states that this PMS package comes with interior disinfection for every purchase of the sedan. 

We always strive to form meaningful relationships with our customers and be mindful of their ownership journey

He continues by stating that through the new promo and its extension, Mitsubishi will be providing its customers with excellent craftsmanship but also more importantly peace of mind when it comes to care and after-sales of their vehicles. 

Hara further continues by saying that the automaker wants to ensure that interested customers or soon-to-be owners of the Mirage G4 will be able to relish the vehicle’s sensational style and exceptional practicality without having to worry about maintenance costs.

It is important to note that the extended offer is non-transferable and is non-convertible to cash. The promo also only covers the oil filter, drain plug gasket, mineral engine oil, air cleaner, and cabin filter. Other fees such as labor and other miscellaneous items that are under the standard 1,000 to 25,000 kilometer PMS for the vehicle are also covered by the package.

In order for you to claim the package, your vehicle must be no older than 2 years of age from its original release to you the customer. It must also strictly adhere to the following recommended schedule for PMS below or else eligibility for the free package will be revoked:

1,000-km PMS (limit: 2,500-km), claimed within 2 months

5,000-km PMS (limit: 7,500-km), claimed within 6 months

10,000-km PMS (limit 12,500-km), claimed within 10 months

15,000-km PMS (limit 17,500-km), claimed within 14 months

20,000-km PMS (limit 22,500 km), claimed within 18 months

25,000-km PMS (limit: 27,500 km), claimed within 24 months

That being said, following this schedule could prove to be very useful and cost-effective as it is one less thing to worry about when it comes to owning and driving your Mitsubishi Mirage G4.

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