Hyundai Elantra N Line

The Hyundai Elantra is shaping up to be one of the edgiest entrants into the compact segment in recent memory. The sedan looks to be a head-turner, and it will be one model to look forward to when the Philippine launch will be imminent. Though there could be one variant of the Elantra that could potentially be of interest to enthusiasts. 

In a global press release, Hyundai confirms that the brand is working on a turbocharged N Line version of its new compact contender. This new trim level will feature chassis and powertrain upgrades and refinements. There was no mention as to what kinds of improvements this new variant will feature, but it could be similar to Honda USA’s sport-oriented compact sedan, the Honda Civic Si, which features a manual transmission, adaptive suspension, and a turbocharged motor. The Elantra N Line could follow or even one-up the Civic in terms of features and additions that improve driving dynamics. It is possible that a manual transmission could be listed, or the brand’s DCT could make an appearance in this trim, but that’s speculation at this point. 

The promised performance upgrades aren’t the only changes. Over the standard model, Hyundai says that the N Line will feature a sportier exterior and interior. Small changes in the accent colors of the new and bold grille are possible on the N Line. The interior could also receive some accent stitching and perhaps a different set of materials to pad the cabin. 

We already know how the Elantra looks like, but Hyundai teased us with a camouflaged N Line in its photos. Safe to say the already-aggressive looks of the Elantra may get a boost in this variant. The new trim level could feature a few exterior enhancements. It is possible that a slightly tweaked front and rear bumper will be installed on this model. We could also see a small aero enhancement, in the form of a small and tasteful ducktail spoiler similar to Kia’s Forte GT. 

Speaking of the Forte, we could be seeing the same powertrain and generally the same enhancements on the Elantra N Line. So it won’t be a surprise to see a 1.6-liter turbo engine, style enhancements, and a sporty interior. Being a next-generation product, however, the Elantra could come with even more advanced features, perhaps an adaptive damping system in its suspension, as well as a different powertrain if there will be any. It is too early to tell, though, and the camouflage on the car only makes us want to know more. 

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