New UberMATCH connects car owners and drivers to start earning

The advent of ride-sharing apps introduced many ways for anyone to earn while driving. But there is a problem, either you can’t drive or can’t afford to buy your own car.

UberMATCH solves that by connecting drivers with vehicle owners. That way, both parties can get the car on the road and start earning.

Here are four steps on how to join and get started as a Partner or Operator.

Step 1: Sign up

Visit then select your location as Manila.

Partner drivers can select a car from the list of Uber-approved Operator vehicles. Each one will show the vehicle make/model, rent/boundary, and location of the Operator's garage to help you choosing car.

Operators that want to have their cars listed on Uber Finder must click on 'Add vehicle'.

Users will then be redirected to the Uber login page. Those who don't have an Uber account may click on 'Sign Up' to register. Upload all necessary documents so Uber can approve and activate your application which you can see on

Step 2: Submit requirements

Once logged in, Partners must fill out the required information such as the their full name, email address, mobile phone number, and a short description or message to the vehicle owner. The email and phone number will be used so the Operator can contact the Partner applicant.

As for Operators, input the vehicle details such as the license plate number, preferred payment method, rent or boundary (if you are doing profit sharing, leave this at 0), make and model of the vehicle, city where your garage is located, and a short description message for the Partner applicants.

After this, the vehicle will now be listed on Uber Finder and the Operator will receive an email notification when a Partner is interested or has applied for the vehicle.

Step 3: Schedule a meeting

Once the Operator has made contact with the Partner applicant, the two parties will have to schedule a meeting to talk about the terms. This is in ways similar to a job interview for both, so be prepared with your answers, dress nicely, and be polite.

Step 4: Talk to Uber

After agreeing on the terms, the Partner should go back to the Partner Support Center at the Ground Floor, The Square Building, Shaw Boulevard cor. Sto. Cristo Street, Greenfield District, Mandaluyong City or send them an email at Uber's staff will then finalize the deal by adding the Partner as the Operator's driver.

If everything goes well and application has been approved, the Partner and Operator will be on their way to start earning. We wish everyone who’ll venture on UberMATCH the best of luck and stay safe on the road.

For more information about UberMATCH, please visit the Partner Support Center.

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