Dodge charger and challenger

The electric vehicle trend continues with manufacturers worldwide as they try to find a sustainable solution to the problem of dwindling oil supplies. While the shift to electric vehicle technology has affected mainstream brands and cars, high-performance vehicles have also been affected. One such brand hopping on this new EV trend is Dodge as it has officially announced that the next-generation Dodge Charger and Dodge Challenger will both be converted into high-performance EVs instead of coming with internal combustion power under the hood. 

It may come as a surprise to some with the sudden shift to EV technology from the Detroit brand, however, Dodge has announced that it would be launching a new car with an electrified drivetrain in 2024. The EV will also come with a PHEV version that will reportedly begin production in late 2022. 

The question now is, what will the new electrified Charger and Challenger look like and how will it affect the brand’s fan base of muscle car enthusiasts?  This question still remains unanswered as the American automaker has yet to reveal any more information about the next generation of the Charger and Challenger, what we can assume is these two new models will stay true to the spirit of muscle cars and come with big power and great torque under the hood. 

For now, it is just a waiting game to see what Dodge will have in store in the future as it has been full of surprises since its early announcement of launching a new EV in 2024. 

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