Nissan 400Z production model leaked ahead of debut

The Nissan 400Z production model surfaced online, revealing different exterior angles and giving us a glimpse of its interior. The following materials include photos, which were originally uploaded on Instagram by a certain user, @laidoutdc4. There’s also a very short video clip of the car which was sourced from 400Z Club on YouTube.

The exterior of the Nissan 400Z production model appears to be almost identical with the Z Proto concept, as changes applied on the car are shown to be minimal. While the character lines and overall body shape were carried over from the prototype, there are some minor revisions applied on this production model. This includes the grille which no longer comes with the rounded mesh pattern, and headlights that  look larger and more rounded compared with the ones on the Z Proto concept. 

2021 Nissan 400Z exterior rear

Also, the rear end of the car no longer has the slanted Fairlady Z badging. While that lovely yellow highlighter hue of the Proto Z was not applied on this unit, we do hope that the production model will also be made available with the said color, as it does contribute to the overall certified-stunner looks of the car, though it is worth noting that it does still look good even on this subtle silver. As per the Instagram user, the following images were taken in the United States.

2021 Nissan 400Z interior dashboard

Inside, the interior also pays homage to the Z Proto concept. It even gets modern features like a digital gauge cluster and an electronic shifter. The unit shown in the photo is actually an automatic, though Nissan could offer this one in manual, as it is, after all, a performance car.

Now, onto the video. Upon further observation, the model shown on the clip does look different given the car’s brighter silver paint. What’s also in contrast is the vehicle’s black roof. 

It has been a decade since Nissan brought in the outgoing 370Z, therefore, this upcoming model will no doubt bring much joy and excitement to many enthusiasts and even first-time car owners out there once it’s finally made available in the Philippines. 

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