New Nissan Logo

Nissan has been using its three-dimensional logo for some time. Multiple brands have already taken out their ironing boards in order to possibly adopt a more modern and minimalistic approach to a logo. The Nissan brand has filed multiple patents in different parts of the globe namely Argentina, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, and even in Great Britain. 

We no longer see the sheen of a would-be chrome badge, instead, we only see two-dimensional shapes and fonts. It’s similar to the approach that other brands such as BMW, and Volkswagen have employed moving into the new decade. 

Nissan Logo

We no longer see the bits of chrome and the bar that surrounded the Nissan logo in the middle, instead, the outline is implied. The ring has now been minimized and broken into two elements that form semicircles around the slimmed logo. 

We actually caught glimpses of this logo in the Nissan Ariya concept, where the Nissan brand is backlit on the steering wheel. The Ariya is not just a design concept, however, it is also a fully-electric crossover that seeks to completely reinvent Nissan’s design language. Giovanny Arroba, Nissan’s program design director said that he, “wanted to merge the unique experience of an EV and the autonomous connected technology that Nissan Intelligent Mobility represents.” The Ariya was unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show earlier this year and had a subtle hint to a new future by Nissan. The brand filling a patent only furthers our suspicions that Nissan is adopting a new logo for the years to come. 

We’ve been familiar with the brand’s logo for so long, and it will be interesting to see how it would look like on current Nissan vehicles like the Terra or even the Juke. The minimal approach could breathe even more fresh air into these cars. It could be a matter of time before we actually see these emblems in the metal. Perhaps Nissan’s next all-new platform will be the recipient of this new adornment? 

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