Nissan Terra Price Increase

Launched last year, the Nissan Terra has caught the midsize SUV market by storm. With the underpinnings of its midsize pickup brother, the Navara, fans were quick to deduce that this PPV was one to watch and ride in. 

Hot off the heels of its success, Nissan Philippines recognizes the Terra’s prominence and is increasing the price of its units, but with good reason. If you’re eyeing a VE 4x2 or VL 4x2 or 4x4 model, then you’ll be greeted with a bigger bill with more goodies in tow. The new prices are in bold while the old are in parenthesis. 

Nissan Terra Price List

  • 2.5 4x2 EL MT - P1,504,000 (No change) 

  • 2.5 4x2 EL AT - P1,620,000 (No change) 
  • 2.5 4x2 VE AT - P1,717,000 (P1,707,000)
  • 2.5 4x2 VL AT - P1,919,000 (P1,909,000) 
  • 2.5 4x4 VL AT - P2,146,000 (P2,106,000) 

From the VE 4x2 model to the VL 4x2 model, we see a P10,000 price increase over prior. This could be because the Nissan N-Connect system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto that the brand has in the updated Navara can now be found in the Terra as standard with mid- to high-end trims. 


The exterior is not radically different. You do get a black grille instead of the matte silver from the previous generation. As seen on Nissan Philippines’ website, all base, mid- or high-end models will be seen equipped with this grille for the foreseeable future. 

As for the VL 4x4 model, we don’t know why the price increase is at P40,000, but we might be able to find out more when Nissan holds its event for the Terra come August 27, 2019, Tuesday. Stay tuned for more updates.

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