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The NLEX Corporation has recently announced that it will be increasing its toll fees starting May 12, 2022. The Toll Regulatory Board (TRB) has given the go signal to the corporation to increase its toll by P2.00 for its open system and P0.34 per kilometer for its closed system.

This change in pricing was approved following the regulatory procedures which went through a thorough review. This was also part of the approved periodic adjustments of NLEX due in 2016 and the completion of the new Subic Freeport Expressway (SFX) which was completed in 2021.

The pricing adjustments also help the NLEX corporation give motorists a safer and more comfortable journey as they now have to maintain long stretches of road. With the opening of SFX, a total of 16.4 new lane kilometers were added to the NLEX system with two new bridges in Jadjad and Argonaut being built along with a new tunnel for the infrastructure project.

Under the new toll fee changes, motorists traveling anywhere along the open system from Balintawak, Caloocan, City, Marilao, and Bulacan can expect a P2.000 increase for Class 1 vehicles. For Classes 2 and 3, the changes are P6.00 and P8.000 respectively. 

For the close system which covers the portion between Bocaue, Bulacan and Sta Ines, Mabalacat CIty, Pampanga including Subic-Tipo, motorists can expect an increase of P0.34 per kilometer. Those traveling the NLEX end-to-end between Metro Manila and Mabalacat City can expect to pay an additional P27.00 for Class 1, P69.00 for Class 2, and P82.00 for Class 3 vehicles. 

With our highway systems slowly increasing in length over time, toll fee increases like this are inevitable especially as they reach further around the island of Luzon. These expressways offer you a faster, safer, and more comfortable route to get to where you need to go. This does come at a price as the longer the roads get the more maintenance is required. 

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