PIAA is reintroduced in the Philippines, and has a booth in the 2019 Manila International Auto Show. The brand has long been known for its rugged accessories for offroad use. The brand also caters to consumer vehicles by providing other consumables such as wiper blades. Also in their product line is a selection of car horns that can output different tones and levels of loudness depending on consumer preference. 


Visit their booth to see their product lines in person. You can test out the horns, see the lights and buy wiper blades just in case your car needs a fresh set. The company has been operational since 1963, and has been able to provide world-class lighting solutions and accessories to the market. Starting in Japan, the commitment to innovation and products without compromise has been there since the firm’s inception. 

PIAA light sets can be had in the auto show happening from April 4, all the way to April 7, 2019. A featured product in the line, the Hyper Arros All Weather Edition LED Light illuminates the road ahead with ease. The light comes with a color range of 4000 Kelvin, making it a balance between a warm and bluish tones. The light shines more neutrally than halogens or LEDs. Whereas halogens cast colors that are orange, LEDs tend to veer towards the blue end of the spectrum. PIAA’s newest addition strikes a balance between the two, casting a light that is easy on the eyes, yet intense enough to be effective through all forms of inclement weather. 

The OTO Style Horn is the latest and greatest from the brand. With the traditional Super Bass horn being a constant best seller, PIAA’s new horn offers consumers a different choice in terms of tone, output and form factor. With an output of 500Hz to 400Hz, you can make sure that you are heard the next time you honk to make your presence known. While changes are made to the sound, the robustness stays the same. PIAA is also known for the durability of its products and assures consumers that through any condition, you’d still be able to use your horn. 

Also in their booth is their line of silicone wipers. Ensure a seamless wipe with every movement of your wiper system with the more resistant silicone material. A small change to your car, but when the next rain storm hits, you’d be glad you upgraded. 

Again, check out their booth at the World Trade Center, and bring home some gifts for your car by getting reliable and durable products from the PIAA. 

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