2021 Toyota Wigo launch

We reported earlier in June of 2020 that Toyota Motor Philippines will be launching a new product on June 15, 2020. While the Japanese did not state exactly what it was going to be unveiling we did have our guesses so to what it might be. Our best inference at the time was that Toyota would be launching a refreshed Toyota Wigo and it turns out that it might be the case as more information has come in.

Toyota wigo possible spec sheet

Thanks to our media friends from Visor we were able to take a quick look at a leaked spec sheet for the refreshed vehicle. While a lot of the specific details are hidden there are a couple of things that stand out. It is important to note that the Wigo is called the Ayga in Indonesia, however, it come with similar specification. 

Toyota wigo minor facelift

First it looks like the refreshed Toyota Wigo will be coming with a new variant. While it should be similar to that of the current range-topping TRD variant, the TRD-S does add a new infotainment system similar to that of the one found in the Indonesia version. Speaking of infotainment, the refreshed small Toyota hatchback will now come with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. A great addition to keep up the competitiveness of the vehicle. 

While still unconfirmed the G and TRD variants appear to now come with reverse sensors as well as a reverse camera as standard. A push to start button may also be added to the top-spec TRD-S and G variants. Toyota with regards to safety appears to have also added a digital video recorder as standard with the TRD-S variant of the Wigo. Other added features to the vehicle include power-folding mirrors at new wheel designs for the entire variant range. The G and TRD-S variants will be coming in with a set of machine-cut design wheels, while the entry-level E variant will be getting gunmetal design wheels.

Pricing for the refreshed Wigo is still unknown but you can expect it to be within the same price bracket as it is now. For now, we will just have to wait until June 15, 2020, for the official launch of Toyota Philippine’s “new product.”

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