Nissan X-Trail X-Scape

Remember that 3rd person, 'out-of-car' view in arcade racing video games? Well, that might how it would look like when you review your family trip with the special edition U.K.-only Nissan X-Trail X-Scape.

The special edition X-Trail is coming with an unconventional package – a drone. Yep, a 4-rotored drone that will follow the car wherever it goes, while recording the whole trip. The package is integrated with the advanced "Follow Me" GPS tracking system that you can download as an in-app purchasable in the FreeFlight Pro mobile application.

With the name Parrot Bebop 2, the drone autonomously follows the car. Also, it could also follow you on foot, while on a bicycle, or even on a jet ski, as long as you carry the Parrot Skycontroller 2 remote. It also comes with the Parrot Cockpitglasses headset, which the passenger can use to watch in first person view (FPV) via a live feed from its 14 megapixel camera. 

For portability, the drone also comes with a backpack-style padded storage case, where you can also store supporting equipments and other accessories. 

Other features included in the special package for the X-Trail X-scape is the NissanConnect infotainment system with satellite navigation for an easy route mapping. Panoramic sunroof with electric sunshade and roof rails are also added features to the compact crossover. 

While it’s exciting to have one for you car, availability of this feature in the local market may need some additional sensors aside from a GPS tracker. We’re pretty sure those stray branches and electrical cables hanging above could be of a huge problem for the Parrot Bebop drone. Not to mention if it’s going to violate any section in the postponed Anti-Distracted Driving Act. Will it?

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