Subaru Ph challenges brave CUV owners to an off-road face off at 2015 MIAS

Motor Image Pilipinas is daring crossover utility vehicle (CUV) owners in a straight up dogfight against their Forester and XV at this year’s Manila International Auto Show (MIAS).

Anyone willing enough to take up the challenge can bring their crossover at Subaru’s outdoor off-road obstacle course at MIAS from April 9 to 12, 2015. The driving exercise simulates most off-road conditions found in the Philippines as it mimics mud, deep ruts, loose soil, and steep gradients designed to put the vehicles’ abilities into the test.

After which, the drivers are encouraged to take the wheel of Subaru’s lineup of crossovers so that they can compare how Subaru’s Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system with X-Mode measures up.

Subaru is so confident about their Forester and XV that they reckon both crossovers can win each battle every time, no matter what you throw at them.


The off-road obstacle course is comprised of:

1) Cross Roller

A test of chassis rigidity by hanging up one corner of the vehicle, it also challenges traction control systems if it’s good enough to get you out of slippery situations.

2) Shell Pits

This test subjects the vehicle to uneven road surfaces that pushes the suspension’s performance to its limits.

3) Side Ramp

By driving one side of the vehicle over a steep gradient, its weight and balance is put to the test.

4) X-Mode Test

Most crossover nowadays can boast about their own traction control systems. To see how they handle, vehicles crossing this obstacle is subjected to a road simulated with loose surface while attempting to drive through a gradient.

5) Slip Roller

Lastly, the slip roller simulates an uneven or muddy terrain whereby the traction control systems are tested to its limit by putting most power into the tires with the most grip.  

Can your crossover take up Subaru’s challenge and beat their Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive? They’re hoping that the driving experience will leave you so amazed that it’ll make you realized what their tagline “Confidence in Motion” is truly all about.

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