Dwarf Cars

We often find little-scale versions of almost anything cute. We don't know about you, but what you're about to watch here begs to veer away from that. YouTube channel MyClassicCarTV has featured dwarf cars that are actually street-legal and mind you, they're homemade.

American automotive builder Ernie Adams had such a unique and innovative idea, making tiny versions of his favorite cars from scratch. Adams' idea may sound pretty complicated but he actually nailed it pretty darn easily. He even told MyClassicCarTV host Dennis Gage that it's 'pretty simple.'

Ernie started building his first dwarf car in 1965. It wasn't just an altered and compressed version of the actual car. Rather, he built it using nine refrigerators. Yes, refrigerators. The whole thing is made from scratch, even the interior. This tall American guy really do know how to build a contrastingly small car all by himself. 

Of course, his first few builds were not road-legal – not until 25 years ago, which was 1993. Now, he builds cars that interested buyers may actually purchase. The video featured three vehicles: a '40 and '49 Mercury Eight, and the '39 Chevrolet Master Deluxe. All three might actually look normal when they're lined up together but wait till it drives by the actual thing.

As a fan of the classic Mustang, we think it's possible that we break our banks just so we could own a dwarf version of it. In fact, it would fit perfectly if it ever existed in the Philippines. As roads here are small, you can really drive seamlessly through traffic without even breaking a sweat. Imagine a dwarf-size 1968 Mustang Fastback on EDSA—sleek as it is cute—kids will love it, and adults, too.

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