Toyota Concept-i Series

Toyota is “on a roll” for the 45th Tokyo Motor Show with the introduction of the Concept-i Series. The fleet will feature artificial intelligence (AI) that gives the car the ability to understand the driver.

Debuted at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in January, the Concept-i is a 4-wheel hatchback model. Now, Toyota has added 2 vehicles to the concept car’s nameplate: a smaller smart electric car (Concept-i RIDE) and a scooter-like 3-wheel vehicle (Concept-i WALK).

The Concept-i RIDE is a 2-seater car that features smart, futuristic exterior design with LED grille screen for communicating with other drivers. On top of that, the vehicle is equipped with gullwing doors and a universal sliding seat. The gullwing doors provide large opening for easy wheelchair-storing in the rear section.

Controlling the car would be a bit different, as it is integrated with a joystick instead of a steering wheel. This handles the acceleration, braking, and steering, making it the universal controller of the car.

If you’re wondering how small the vehicle is, it’s a lot smaller than the Wigo. The Concept-i RIDE measures 2,500mm long, 1,300mm wide, and 1,500mm tall, which is a lot less compared to the Wigo’s 3,600mm, 1,600mm, and 1,520mm (length/width/height). This 2-seater electric vehicle has an approximate cruising range of 11 to 150 km, which is not bad for a super compact car.

Also part of the Concept-i Series is the Concept-i WALK. If you happen to have see today’s generation-‘hoverboard,’ it’s somehow similar except that it comes with handlebars. The concept vehicle is aimed for short-distance travel on places that are narrow enough for vehicles such as parks and sidewalks, and can be driven by people of all ages.

The Concept-i Series will be exhibited alongside the Toyota Crown concept, TJ Cruiser, GR HV Sports, and the Century luxury limousine.

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