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After revealing the next-gen Crown and GR HV sports car concepts, Toyota Motor Corporation isn't quite done with their lineup announcement for the upcoming 2017 Tokyo Motor Show. The Japanese marque unveils a brand new concept called the Tj Cruiser, and it aims to redefine what you currently know about vehicle classifications.

The Tj Cruiser is a 4-seater multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) that has the design strengths of an SUV and the cargo-carrying capacity of van. To give you an idea of its size, it’s a bit smaller than the Innova, but has the same 2,750mm wheelbase.

The Tj Cruiser is likened by many to the FJ Cruiser (R.I.P.), however, don’t let the name fool you — it isn’t the rebirth of the retro-looking 4-door SUV. It’s actually the opposite and we can give you 3 reasons why.

First, the Tj Cruiser is spacious and has a huge sliding door for easy entry and exit at the back, which are things that the FJ Cruiser utterly lacks. The front and rear passenger seats of the Tj Cruiser can be completely folded flat. You can fit items that are up to 3 meters long, like surf boards, a pole, or whatever.

The back of the seats also have holes where you can tie items to. Basically, when all the seats are folded flat, the whole cargo area looks like a huge pallet. Talk about utility.

Second, the Tj Cruiser has a futuristic exterior design. Sure, it shares the boxy body and circular head- and tail-lamps with the FJ Cruiser, but its styling is more rigid, less fun, and a bit more masculine. The dashboard also bears a modern appeal, as opposed to the 90s-inspired look of the SUV.

Although it’s an MPV, the Tj Cruiser sports bigger rims (around 18 or 19 inches by the looks of it), which give the new concept a beefy, can-go-anywhere demeanor. Speaking of going anywhere, the hood, roof, and fenders of the Tj Cruiser concept are made of special materials that can resist scratch and dirt to reinforce the idea. Nice.

Lastly, the Tj Cruiser is powered by a 2.0L engine — that’s just half of the big 4.0L V6 mill of the FJ Cruiser. Also, as hinted by the blue Toyota badge, the MPV concept has a hybrid system, making it a green vehicle that will virtually consume less fuel.

Toyota named the Tj Cruiser with these in mind: “T” for Toolbox, “J” for Joy, and “Cruiser” for its SUV-like appeal. With its flexibility, huge cargo space, and outdoor-ish design, we can totally agree with Toolbox and Cruiser. As for the Joy, well, it’s up to its future owners to find out if ever this MPV hits production.

Now, for the FJ Cruiser comeback hopefuls, sorry to burst your bubble but the Tj Cruiser is a totally different concept vehicle, but it looks way badass if you ask us. Besides, imagine the things you can bring (and do) with that massive cabin.

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