2019 Toyota Rush

Vehicle recalls are done mainly for the sake of quality control, addressing certain concerns which may affect the ownership experience of the consumers. With such high regard for safety, Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) issued its official statement regarding the recall of the Toyota Rush, concerning the Curtain Shield Airbag Computer on selected units manufactured from April 2, 2018 up to February 7, 2019.

As per TMP, the following units produced during the said timeline may have issues with the programming of its respective airbag Electric Control Units (ECU). This may cause the curtain shield airbag to possibly deploy when the rear wheel passes through a pothole or dent.

Given the current situation of its strong-selling nameplate, TMP has then initiated a Special Service Campaign for the Curtain Shield Airbag Computer. Affected units will be informed through an official notification letter. Those who will receive the said letter may proceed to any of the 70 authorized dealerships nationwide for the free replacement of the airbag ECU. According to TMP, the procedure itself would take about 30 minutes. This, however, would also depend on the operation schedule of your preferred service center.

With safety being the number one priority of the brand, TMP urges those affected owners of the Rush to bring their units immediately after receiving the notification letter. On a side note, while the unit itself is still pending for service, owners are advised to exercise extra precautions when crossing through uneven roads.

Recalls could be bothersome at some point, but what’s important is how the brand itself addresses the current state of its product. Good thing, TMP took immediate responsibility for the situation, strengthening its core values as to product safety and quality. 

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