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Toyota files a patent for a new theft deterrent system that involves tear gas. For those who are unaware, vehicle manufacturers are now installing systems for dispersing fragrances in cars. German manufacturer, Mercedes Benz currently has this technology as an option in their cars. Toyota filed a patent for a similar technology in their cars, but it has a twist. 

For the longest time, security features in automobiles involved either immobilizing the engine, or embarrassing the thief through the use of an alarm system. With its new patent, Toyota goes the extra mile to actually hurt them, and make them cry at the same time. It sounds a little sadistic, but what lengths would you go to protect what is possibly, aside from your house, your most expensive investment

Like Mercedes-Benz, the Toyota system can dispense fragrances throughout the cabin to ensure an atmosphere that is suited to the individual driver. Unlike Mercedes, the Toyota system can spray a mist of tear gas into the cabin if there is an unwanted presence trying to steal said car. Through the use of one’s smartphone, the system can be used to freshen up the cabin. Different profiles can also be set depending on who is using the car. However, when and if a thief decides to try and steal the car with the wrong mobile device, the system will automatically immobilize the car and spray its tear gas payload all over the cabin. 

It is still up to debate how legal this system is. Also up for debate is what if the system gets confused and sprays the tear gas while the owner is in the car? Regardless of what can go wrong, it’s a feature you hopefully will never need in future cars. Park your car with confidence, and make the bad guys cry with your Toyota. 

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