Illegal parking

Bayad Centers are now accepting payments for the new illegal parking violation code. 

If you have been on Facebook long enough, you might have seen several videos from the user, Gadget Addict, floating around your timeline. These videos follow the Metro Manila Development Authority’s (MMDA) special operations to clear the sidewalks and roads of any obstructions. 

Bong Nebrija was the head of these operations. He spearheaded the initiative as mandated by the MMDA to make the streets habitable to pedestrians and cars. The scope of their operation is not limited to cars, motorcycles, kiosks, extended garage, and so on and so forth.  If it is on the road and causing traffic or endangering the lives of pedestrians, it has to be cleared. 

The goal of the operation is to keep Manila organized and to make it a more habitable place for all. In Gadget Addict’s videos, there are quite a few people who get all riled up because they don’t want to pay for the fine for the ticket. There are those who also get irate at the MMDA officers for confiscating their property. The MMDA is serious about clearing the streets of Metro Manila, hence it has updated its list of payable violations at Bayad Centers. 

Illegal parking and obstruction violations have been added to the list of payable offenses at your nearest Bayad Center. Chances are you’re aware that a violation means a trip to the bank to pay off the ticket. 

With the MMDA making it easier to pay off tickets, it is with this initiative that the processing for vehicle applications won’t be hampered by unpaid violations. In addition, the MMDA has initiated forwarding vehicle plate numbers with unsettled violations to LTO for alarms. This has already started last December 2018.

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