DLSU x Toyota partnership

Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) partners up with De La Salle University (DLSU) in an effort to help bring hybrid and electric vehicles into the public eye. 

This partnership is meant to expand the knowledge of the students and school through the latest automotive industry trends and direction. This was made possible through the DLSU Department of Mechanical Engineering. Students and faculty members participated in a seminar conducted by Toyota’s technical experts. This seminar was focused on the beneficial effects of Toyota hybrid technologies on the environment. During the seminar, a brief forum was open to discuss the common misconceptions about hybrid electric vehicles.

Our continuous activities on Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) are geared towards the youth because they are the ones who will benefit most from this technology. With enough support and proper implementation, the untapped potential of hybrids can improve our transportation systems and our environment in the long run
Prius display

Aside from a seminar, the participants were given the chance to see the Prius model up-close and in the metal. This unit was displayed at the school’s central plaza. Free vegetarian snacks were also given to the students throughout the day to keep in line with the green eco-friendly theme.

DLSU is just one leg of the Toyota Campus Tour series. This is part of Toyota’s global initiative to promote vehicle electrification towards sustainable mobility. In the Philippines, Toyota has a firm stance that HEVs are the ideal transition phase for a greener and more energy-efficient automotive landscape.

Toyota’s promotion of hybrid vehicles isn't just isolated to university campuses. Last May, Toyota held a Hybrid Electric Technology Conference at the Grand Hyatt Manila. This conference was attended by over four hundred guests from different sections, like the government and the academe. This was done so that Toyota could showcase the benefits of hybrid and electric technology so that the government, as well as the academe, could study how these vehicles could be brought into the Philippine market and become sustainable.

This is a big step forward for the promotion of HEVs as a cleaner greener transportation option for the future. Toyota driving the clean, green future one campus at a time.

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