Toyota Dealership Philippines

Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) will be implementing social distancing guidelines for its dealers as it restarts operations after the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) measures are lifted on April 30, 2020, with the assumption that no further extensions will be given. 

Dealerships that reopen will be able to operate like normal. Periodic maintenance, sales, and other services will be available. Although the restart per region will depend on the specific local government units (LGUs)  the showroom finds itself under. Different provinces and locations may have different restarting dates. 

As for measures when dealerships open, the company has stated that it will be deploying contactless infrared thermometers to screen people before they enter the premises. Only individuals with a temperature below 37.3℃ will be allowed on the premises.

Subsequently, a limited number of people will be allowed inside the showroom at any given time, though this may be dependent on the size of the dealership or the number of staff able to accommodate the customers.

Toyota employees on-site will be required to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) while conducting their duties. Face masks will be the minimum requirement. Proper hygiene will be strictly followed to ensure the safety of everyone visiting the establishment. Reminders will also be given to staff in order for mindfulness to be a top priority.

TMP will also disinfect the dealerships in preparation for reopening and will continue to do so as the days progress. Customers’ and employees’ health will be of utmost priority in this regard. 

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