Toyota Philippines issues a recall of the outgoing Fortuner’s fuel pump

It was recently confirmed by Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) that it has issued a recall with the pre-updated Fortuner, which specifically concerns its fuel pump. This was confirmed during the launch of its refreshed model, with this issue covering global units as well. 

This subject was expounded upon given that there was an immediate notification delivered to the following Fortuners owners who are included in the scope of the recall. During the launch of the midsize SUV’s refreshed model, it was further elaborated by Rainnier Gregorio, First Vice-President for Customer Service Operations, that the following units affected by the issue are those equipped with the 2.7-liter 4-cylinder 2TR-FE gasoline engine. The units manufactured between November 2017 to September 2018 specifically. Notably, the refreshed Fortuner isn’t affected by this problem, given that the gasoline variant was dropped in its current line.

Numerically speaking, the global scope of vehicles affected by the said recall equates to around 3.2 million units. Now, the issue actually revolves around the fuel pumps of the vehicle, which are found to have plastic impellers that have low molecular density. With the presence of that material, it may therefore cause to halt the operation of its fuel pump which may consequently lead to engine stalling.

Despite this conflict, TMP managed to take responsibility for this issue in a short span of time. As mentioned, the brand has notified the respective owners of the affected units. It was also noted that the refreshed Fortuner is not affected by the said recall, as its current line of variants does not include the gas option. Therefore, interested buyers of the updated model should not have any sort of hesitation. 

This goes to show that Toyota is indeed committed to staying engaged with its customers, through delivering quality service that shall continue to ensure and responsibly maintain the durability of its vehicles sold from past buyers. 

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