next generation Toyota Vios

The Toyota Vios in the Philippines is getting a bit long in the tooth for its current generation and is at the prime age for a new version to come along and replace it. In response to this, Toyota Thailand has released a short video to tease the upcoming launch of the new Vios. While it is called the Yaris Ativ over in the land of smiles the model itself is similar to what we get here locally under the Vios nameplate.

The teaser video itself is brief only a couple of seconds long, however, it does highly the next-generation Vios well showcasing its new interior and body lines. To delve deeper into the teaser, what we can spot is that the sedan will take design elements from its bigger brother the Toyota Corolla Altis, this means that it comes with a relatively large grille and what appears to be sleek LED headlights. Aside from this, the quick teaser also reveals that the new generation Vios will likely come with an extra pair of rear quarter windows on the side which could point to it potentially coming with a more fastback-like design instead of the typical sedan look that its previous generations had.

next gen toyota vios interior

As for its cabin, we can see that Toyota has gone with a more minimalist look and feel for the vehicle which in turn helps make it look at bit more premium especially with the red interior.

Next gen toyota vios launch

While its official engine specifications are yet to be shown, we suspect that at least for the Philippine market, once the new generation Vios arives, it will still carry the 1.3 and 1.5-liter engine options that its current version still has. However, there might be a chance that a 1.0-liter engine could make its way into the model range and have similar power figures to that found in the Toyota Raize. Aside from this, a hybrid variant could also be in the works and could be part of the 2023 reveal of the next-generation Vios. 

As a final thought, the teaser video also reveals that the next generation Vios will be revealed on 09.08.2022, while it could point to a September release date, insiders are stating that the all-new Vios could be launching in August instead. This means that its arrival in the Philippine market could be sometime in 2023 or possibly even late 2022 depending on how fast Toyota Philippines wants the model to enter our market. 

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