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Trademarks applications are slowly becoming a good source of information about what cars an automotive brand might be producing next. Over in the land down under Australia, Toyota has trademarked several of its models under the Gazoo Racing (GR) variant nameplate. As of late, the Japanese brand has already registered the Trademark for the GR Hilux a potential Ranger Raptor competitor that is rumored to have a diesel V6. It looks as though the Hilux won’t be the only GR model to come to Australia as Toyota has also filed trademarks for the GR Corolla, the GR C-HR, and the C-HR-S.

2020 Toyota corolla hatch

The trademark for the GR Corolla was filed on March 17 and is now awaiting approval from the Australian government. Getting more in-depth about the trademark, it was filed under Motor vehicles, engines, parts, panels, and accessories. This could indicate one of two things, the first is that it could be for an appearance package or that it could be for an actual performance version of the Corolla.

Reports for the GR Corolla have already been circulating around the internet. Rumors state that the compact hatchback will be getting the same 1.6-liter turbocharged engine as its performance hatchback brother the GR Yaris. Despite the small displacement, the powerplant can more than handle the weight of the much bigger Corolla. The engine produces 257hp and 360 Nm of torque. While the drivetrain application might be an issue as the GR Yaris comes in an all-wheel-drive platform the engine could still be an ideal match for the front-wheel-drive Corolla.

Toyota C-HR GR

The Corolla isn’t the only model getting the GR treatment as the C-HR will also be getting it as well. Details and specifications, for the vehicle, however, are less concrete but what is known is that Toyota has already filed the trademark for the C-HR GR-Sport and for the C-HR GR. The GR-Sport is said to be the entry-level performance variant, while the GR is the middle child, and the GRMN is the range-topping variant.While no launch dates have been confirmed or mentioned by Toyota it looks as though the Japanese brand has something interesting in store for the coming years with performance models set to be released soon.

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