Toyota vios remains top seller for Toyota Philippines

Toyota Philippines ended 2019 strong still holding the top spot in the local automotive market. With statistics coming from CAMPI and from Toyota Motor Philippines itself, the Japanese brand was able to sell 161,385 units in the local market. An impressive feat but one easily achieved by the number one automotive brand globally. The company launched five new Toyota models locally in 2019, it brought in the RAV4, Hiace, the Hiace Super Grandia, Supra, and finally, the Corolla Altis. 

With such a huge number of sales, we were curious to see which Toyota models lead the charge to make that 161,000+ sales numbers happen. The Japanese automaker did well to remain as the reigning brand even with new offerings from China coming in with tempting price points and feature-packed vehicles. 

Toyota Vios segment leader for Toyota Philippines

Leading the charge in sales, with no surprise, is the Vios. Toyota was able to sell 33,181 units of the popular subcompact sedan in varying trim levels. Coming right behind the popular nameplate are its Toyota IMV platform brothers. The Hilux places second on the list with about a 10,000 unit deficit from its subcompact brother the Vios. The tax-exempt pickup comes in with 20,846 units sold for 2019. 

The Innova follows close behind with 20,794 units sold. Tailing the popular MPV is its SUV counterpart the Fortuner with 19,865 units sold. Completing the top 5 is the Hiace. The people hauler finishes 2019 with 18,656 units sold, although the statistics didn’t mention if these were from the new-generation Hiace models alone or a mix of both old and new units.

Toyota supra red front exterior

In the sea of models that Toyota offers, a notable model to look out for was the Supra. The fifth-generation performance coupe, despite being launched in July 2019, outsold its more established and more affordable 86 brother by 7 units. The boxer engine powered 86 came in with 50 unit sales, while its inline-six powered performance brother finished the year with 57 units. A testament to the inherent popularity of this iconic nameplate to Filipino car enthusiasts.

Toyota Corolla Altis hybrid front exterior blue

Another note-worthy model to pay attention to was the Prius twins. Both models had zero sales for 2019. This was despite Toyota heavily promoting the model on multiple fronts. Even with no sales, the Japanese automaker is still pushing for the hybrid vehicles in the country with the introduction of the new Corolla Altis and its hybrid variant. The Altis with its hybrid variant comes in at a more attainable price point while retaining all the benefits of its more expensive Prius stablemate.

The Corolla Altis sold 1,261 units in 2019, although this number is a mix of the previous and current-generation models sold, including the all-new hybrid variant.

Toyota sales 2019 chart

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