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With the near approach of Christmas, people are indeed filled with such holiday spirit. It’s the season of family reunions once again, and perhaps it’s also that time of the year where traffic congestion worsens, as many are expected to go on long-distance road trips. MMDA has also lifted the number coding scheme, so there’s that.

Given that circumstance, Waze has released a traffic data serving as a guide for on-road travelers this holiday season, a tactic which could perhaps lessen or yet eliminate your stress during such congestion. Based on last year’s data, there was a 10% increase in active Waze users during this season, as compared to regular months. Moreover, there was an increase in vehicle volume on-road with drivers spending 12% more time on Waze.

With due consideration to all motorists who wish to tackle the open road, Waze has provided a well laid out analytics mainly concerning the best and worst time to travel on the road. Perhaps you’d consider this as your primary guide upon leaving for your destination; it’s the ticket to shorten your trip and spend more quality time with your loved ones.

Source: Waze Data (Based on December 2017)

Aside from Christmas, the countdown to the year 2019 is also underway. That said, Waze has also provided reliable traffic data in order for you to achieve a less hassle drive this upcoming new year celebrations.

Source: Waze Data (Based on December 2017 and January 2018)

Other than the accumulated data, Waze wants its users to achieve the best travel setup upon usage of the app through the provision of Waze Planned Drives. You will just have to enter your desired time and date of arrival, then Waze will recommend the best probable time to leave. Further reminders will be provided in terms of updated departure times depending on real-time traffic conditions in the area.

So this December, let Waze be your reliable partner as you meet and solve on-road challenges. Hope all of you have a bright holiday season ahead!

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