Tesla Model 3

Electric vehicles (EV) are usually known as an eco-friendly alternative to the internal combustion engine found in today’s cars. Although technology has improved it drastically, these green cars are still limited by its battery range.

Hoping to break the stigma, Sean Mitchell and Erik Strait drove a Tesla Model 3 at a steady speed of 32.2 to 56.3 km/h around a quiet area of Colorado, U.S.A.

Mitchell and Strait used a driving style that requires them to drive in low consistent speeds and to use the brakes less to increase fuel efficiency or battery range. The pair also had to turn off the air conditioning and endure a cabin temperature of 42.2 degrees Celsius to save battery power.

It took them 32 hours of continuous driving, including bathroom breaks, to squeeze every ounce of power from the Model 3’s battery pack. In case you’re wondering how they ate, friends of Mitchell and Strait gave food which they received using a net.

Anyway, the Tesla Model 3 (and their driving) managed to clock in an amazing 975 km on a single charge - this is almost twice its rated range of 499 km. To put that in perspective, that’s enough to travel from Manila to La Union and back, at least twice! 

The result of this real world test is a testament on how much EVs (and its technology) has improved over the past couple of years. The test also hopes to increase the awareness of the benefits of owning one.

In the Philippines, car brands are keeping an eye on the trend as Filipinos get more interested EVs. Recently, BYD took the bold move of bringing in its full electric E6 and hybrid Tang in the country.

Could this be the beginning of the electrification of the automotive industry in the Philippines? With the fuel prices skyrocketing, we sure do hope so.

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