We scoured Instagram and its hashtags to come up with the most tagged cars and brands.

If there’s one thing social media has done for companies and brands all over the world, is that it has made marketing products or services to a wide audience much easier. The reach and influence of Instagram is undeniable, with hashtags related to almost anything you can think of searchable at the press of a few buttons. Naturally, car manufacturers have been getting on board, with social media managers and marketing teams coming up with jaw-dropping photos or advertisement tag lines, all with matching hashtags that represent the brand or theme.

In fact, the presence of cars on Instagram has been growing as more and more people also share content related to the brands they love and drive on a daily basis. Throw in some lifestyle and you have a recipe for a social media influencer. Maybe. In any case, as a website, we spend a ton of time on the internet, and we’ve decided to narrow down the top Instagrammed (that is a word now, right?) car brands in the world by hashtag usage.

Interestingly enough, our top 10 list is much more varied. Sure, there’s the usual smattering of supercars and desirable luxury brands in there, but half of the list is composed of everyday brands that cater to a wide array of customers. So without further ado, here’s our countdown.

10. Jeep - 10,956,571 #jeep #jeepwrangler

9. Lamborghini - 11,403,488 #lamborghini #lamborghiniaventador

8. Nissan - 12,550,941 #nissan #nissangtr

7. Porsche - 12,650,955 #porsche #porsche911

6. Toyota - 13,916,581 #toyota #toyotatacoma

5. Ferrari - 14,348,918 #ferrari #ferrari599

4. Audi - 14,629,603 #audi #audiq7

3. Ford - 17,874,567 #ford #fordmustang

2. Honda - 23,781,235 #honda #hondacivic

1. BMW - 30,724,121 #bmw #bmw5

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