Nissan Terra Interior

Car interiors are one of the main selling points for buyers; and having a good looking exterior with a good looking interior is almost the perfect combo. There are also some vehicles that are great looking on the outside, and a bit of a letdown when it comes to the cabin, maybe it’s the material choice? Costing? Or ill-implemented execution of design? This is all part of a car ownership experience, after all.

The 2019 Nissan Terra is one of the best looking midsize SUVs on the market today, and it has the capability to match its rivals. In my previous articles, I mentioned that the Nissan Terra’s technology is unique, but needs better implementation. The interior, however, needs a closer look.

One thing you’ll notice about all midsize SUVs is that they all share the same general layout. The difference comes in the application of different touches of trim and choices of textures and materials. Plastic will always be a main component, and the Nissan Terra uses it as a major part of the dashboard. Unfortunately, it could’ve been of the soft touch variety with nicer texturing. Leather is used in the seats and parts of the door and center armrest, which are nice, and keep the interior from being too bland.

I have to hand it to Nissan for creating comfortable seats for the Terra, as the zero gravity design worked well for me, even when I was driving for several hours in traffic. The instrument cluster layout is easy to read and simple; we like it that way and the less busy it is the better. The layout of the buttons on the center console for the climate control and selectable off-road modes are good, and they’re logically laid out, which is a bonus in our book. The infotainment screen is also nice, and the seven inch display offers on par connectivity with its rivals. The second row screen, however, feels like an afterthought.

When you want to load up your Terra with all sorts of items, you’ll find that the cargo space and the ease of accessing it is pretty impressive. You have one-touch tumble second row seats that also fold down via a 60:40 split, and the third row can fold almost completely flat in a 50:50 split. The second and third row seats also recline, so you can adjust these in a myriad of ways.

You’ve also got all sorts of cubby holes and hidden storage compartments in the trunk, so you can keep valuables out of sight, or you can maximize even more cargo space by sliding smaller items under the top cover of the trunk floor. Oh, and don’t worry about filling up the trunk to cover your view since your digital rearview mirror will still provide optimum visibility. Always a neat party trick. No power liftgate, though, that would’ve been a great addition.


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