Here in AutoDeal, we like comparing cars in terms of their specifications and see how they go up against each other. One of the requests we received is to compare 2 compact crossovers that look equally attractive – the Toyota RAV4 and the Mazda CX-5.

Both cars have their own take on being sporty and classy at the same time, however, they have their advantages over the other that our eyes won’t see. To keep this comparison fair and square, we took their range-topping 4x4 variants into a head-to-head comparison – the facelifted Toyota RAV4 2.5 Premium and the new Mazda CX-5 2.2 SkyActiv-D.


The Mazda CX-5 easily wins this round as it sells for P1,985,000 compared to P2,066,00 price tag of the Toyota RAV4. The P81,000 price difference is something to take note of. You can spend that cash to book a vacation trip or use it as a downpayment for another car. Nevertheless, let’s see what’s inside the RAV4 that can make up for its price.


It’s a tight competition for both vehicles when it comes to their power unit. The CX-5 is powered by the new 2.2L SkyActiv-D diesel engine that can churn out a maximum output of 175 hp and 420 Nm of torque. On the other hand, the RAV4’s 2.5L gasoline engine has a maximum output of 180 hp and 233 Nm of torque.

Although the RAV4 has a bigger engine and has a 5 hp advantage, the CX-5 beat the former in pulling power by a whopping 187 Nm. This gives a definite advantage for Mazda, especially in going uphill. Moreover, aside from being powered by the cheaper diesel fuel, the CX-5’s i-STOP feature assures fuel efficiency, which is one of the deciding factors in buying a car. Thus, this round goes to the CX-5.


When it comes to size, the Toyota RAV4 easily takes this one from the Mazda CX-5. Although the latter has a 40 mm longer wheelbase, the former is 65 mm longer, 5 mm wider, and 45 mm taller. This translates to more head-, leg-, and elbow-room for the passengers.


The CX-5 takes this one again from the Toyota RAV4. As top-of-the-line variants, you’ll expect both to be fitted with the best features that the brand can offer. This includes plush interior trims, automatic climate control, leather seats, push start ignition, cruise control, keyless entry, and touchscreen head units with various connectivity options. However, the CX-5 has a major advantage with its 9 Bose speakers that provides superb sound quality to the occupants.


If airbag is the only factor to look at for safety features, the RAV4 could have stolen this from the CX-5 with an extra knee airbag. However, the latter has a wide array of safety features that the former doesn’t have such as tire pressure monitoring system, ISOFIX chairs, and stability control. Moreover, the brakes of the CX-5 is equipped with Brake Assist and Electronic Brakeforce Distribution, which assists the vehicle in sudden braking.


After a head-to-head comparison of both compact crossovers, the new Mazda CX-5 2.2L SkyActiv-D emerged as the winner. It has the more economic and powerful diesel engine, better interior amenities, and wider range of safety features and technology – all for a lower price. However, going for the Toyota isn’t really a bad choice since this car will come with a trusted nameplate, plus a wider source of parts and services nationwide. 

For the complete comparison details of the models above, check out the AutoDeal Car Comparison Tool.


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