Mothers Day Car

Moms – they are the light of the house, the greatest accountant in town, the best chef ever (better than Gordon Ramsey), and sometimes—or most of the time—the worst passenger driver. We can’t blame them, though; they only care for our safety. They also do care about their budget – just in case we don’t have the moolah to pay for our car’s damages.  

With this, we compiled the things that most mothers say when they’re in the passenger seat and you’re behind the wheel.

1.      "Ninenerbiyos ako sa'yo e!" (Blood Pressure Monitor)

I think it’s time for your executive checkup.


2.      "Kaskasero ka na naman." (Speed Limiter)

We’re running 60 km/h...on the expressway.


3.      "Mapapaaway ka na naman niyan!" (For the safety of your face.)

Don’t worry, Ma. The windows are closed.


4.      "Masiyado kang malapit sa gilid!" (Proximity Sensors)

Which side?


5.      "O, baka may tumawid!" (Pedestrian Detection)

There will always be someone crossing the street, Ma. Like, everywhere.


6.      "Wag masiyadong mabilis, madulas ang kalsada." (Traction Control)

We’re in EDSA and it’s 7:00 a.m.


7.      "Wag ka magalit sa preno." (Anti-lock Braking System)

We’re actually best friends, Ma.


8.      "Seatbelt mo!" (Seatbelt Reminder)

We’re still in the garage, though.


9.      "Mamaya na yang ka-text mo!" (To avoid texting while driving)

Ma, this is Waze. 

Waze, this is Mama.


...and the BEST LINE EVER












10.  "Eto, pang-gas." (For your wallet’s safety.)

Don’t you just find your moms cute? Yes, their nagging may annoy us at times but seriously, they are the best safety feature that car manufacturers can’t replace. As such, don’t forget to greet them on their special day. Better yet, give them some love everyday.

Happy Mother's Day to all moms out there!

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