car situations where having a family cash card helps

Road emergencies are inevitable and one can’t say that he or she is fully prepared for these types of incidents. While there are many things you can do to prepare your car when traveling, there are things that you’ll miss in the process – one of the things that make us human.

Being in one of these tight situations can really be a hassle, especially if it involves money. Good thing, EastWest Bank offers a new convenient way to manage family finances.

EastWest Bank Family Ties is a system where the head of the household can open a checking account that comes with multiple cash cards, depending on the amount of the initial deposit. Its main advantage? Seamless transfer of money from the main account holder to the cash cards via online banking. Even better, the cash cards can also be used as a debit or Visa card, on top of being a regular ATM card.

As road emergencies and car situations are things you couldn’t really avoid, having a family cash card greatly helps. Here are four examples.

eastwest bank

Whether it’s a family member or the driver who’s going to the casa to have a car serviced, the uncertainty of the final servicing bill can be unsettling if you’re the head of the household.

With a family cash card, the account holder can easily transfer the needed amount through online banking, removing the inconvenience of going in and out of the casa.


You’ll never know when a car’s battery will die on one of your family members. If in case that happens, there are brands and shops that deliver a replacement right to their location.

Now, just in case they don’t have the cash for a battery replacement, you, as the account holder of the family cash card, can just transfer the amount needed within a few clicks.

empty fuel

Imagine this: one of your family members are on his or her way to Baguio and they realized that their car is about to run out of fuel. Worse, he or she doesn’t have the cash to pay for the fuel refill.

With a family cash card, you can transfer the money needed online to the recipient. Plus, the card itself can be used to pay for the transaction since it can be used for cashless transactions.

towing services

Fees for towing services don’t come cheap. As of this writing, the standard rate for towing light vehicles is at P1,500 for the first four kilometers. Now, imagine having a car towed from Clarkfield in Pampanga to Manila.

With a family member already stressed in times like these, having a family cash card would remove the worries of having to pay for the hefty towing fee.


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