Car upgrades

The automotive industry is booming with countless style customization options to make your car stand out with a unique statement on the road. In light of this, here are 4 of the best ways you can pimp your ride.

Strapping on a new set of wheels

Even as simple as changing the wheels can make a big style difference. Shop from trusted online stores or take advantage of the annual automotive aftermarket trade events so you can have a wider choice of what to put onto your car for that added appeal on the road. Unsure of what wheel and tire size fits best? You can refer to our “What do the numbers on my tire mean?” guide.

Lowering the height

If you’re happy with how the factory wheels look or if you’ve just replaced them with a much sportier set, lowering the height of the car is another upgrade which you can do. Of course, this has risks such as the tires grinding against the wheel wells, the underbody scraping road bumps, and the bumpers hitting the gutters when parking. Ask a professional mechanic for help and choose carefully the right suspension lowering kit that will suit your car and save it from damage.

Installing a body kit

You can also install a nice set of body upgrades to complement either the wheels, lowered height, or both. A basic body kit consists of front/rear spoilers and side skirts. Some car dealers offer these as optional accessories like Honda’s Modulo or Toyota’s TRD lines. Alternatively, you can buy online or visit trade shows for more choices including carbon fiber hoods, aftermarket headlight and taillight frames, wide-body kits, and chromed tail pipes.


For that stand-out exterior finish, you may want to consider car wrapping. Wrapping (or “foiling” as referred to by some car customization experts) is a process by which a car’s looks is changed by having portions or its entire body covered in big sheets of stickers.

Car wrapping isn’t just for looks as it can also give protection for your car’s paintwork against scratches and general wear and tear. You can either wrap your car to change its color without resorting to strip-to-metal paint jobs or to express your artistic side by matching colors to create a theme.

Upgrading your car’s style is a great way to give it a unique look that reflects your personality on the road. But keep in mind that you should take time and understand your car’s basic design. From there, you can get an idea of which style or aftermarket mod fits right.

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