2021 Geely Okavango Urban Philippines

The Geely Okavango is the automaker’s latest addition to its vehicle lineup in the Philippines. It comes in the form of a mild hybrid 7-seater MPV that promises to deliver on space as well as in features. As the newest addition, it continues Geely’s trend of being feature-packed and being priced at an affordable range. Even the entry-level Comfort variant already has a lot to offer as it comes with a lot of the standard features of the much higher Urban variant. With that said here are 5 things we like about the Geely Okavango.

Geely Okavango engine bay

When it comes to power Geely vehicle’s are well equipped even the Coolray surprised us with the 1.5-liter turbocharged engine under its hood, and the Okavango is no different. Taking the same engine as its sibling the Azkarra and bumping up the power a bit, the Okavango has the power to spare. While you may think that putting a 1.5-liter 3-cylinder engine into a large MPV spells bad fuel economy, such isn’t the case as it is paired with a 48-volt hybrid system. The addition of the hybrid system helps the vehicle get the most out of your gasoline and even adds more power into the mix as well. In total, the Okavango pushes out 190hp and 300 Nm of torque from its powerplant. 

Geely did well with the Okavango as more and more Filipino car buyers are slowly getting used to hybrid vehicles. That said being an attainable mild-hybrid vehicle is its strong point as it matches the 7-seater MPV’s already feature-packed specifications. 

2021 Geely Okavango side profile

Ride comfort is one of the key factors you should consider when buying a 7-seater vehicle. Unlike its other competitors, the Okavango comes with a unibody design that helps give the vehicle a smoother ride. The driver’s seat is supportive but not too hard thanks to a good amount of bolsters that keep you in place. While the passenger’s seats are also supportive they lean more on the thinner side in order to give each occupant their own moveable seat. Apart from that, the ride is sublime as the fully-independent front and rear suspension put in their work to keep bumps at bay easily taking on humps and road imperfections.

Geely Okavango 3-zone climate control

A feature that is normally seen in much higher-end vehicles, the 3-zone automatic climate control system is present in the Geely Okavango. This allows the driver, front passenger, as well as rear passengers to have their own preferred temperatures when riding in the vehicle. It’s an ideal feature to have especially for passengers who are more sensitive to temperature changes than others. It goes to show that Geely knows how to spec up its vehicles giving the prospective buyer features that are above and beyond the Okavango’s price point.

Geely Okavango LED lights

When it comes to lighting the Geely Okavango does not disappoint as it comes equipped with LED lighting elements straight from the dealership floor. Normally reserved just for higher models in other brands, all of the 7-seater MPV variants come with it equipped. This means that the vehicle comes with LED headlights, LED daytime running lights, and LED fog lights. An especially great feature to have when the streets are dark and when the weather gets gloomy. The throw is excellent as well as its cut off is on point. This makes the LED bulbs both bright but not blinding to other motorists. 

When it comes to maximizing space for all of its occupants, the Geely Okavango does not disappoint. It comes with three individual seats for the second row that all can move independently of one another, these seas can also be pushed forward allowing for more space for passengers in the third row. When you want to haul around cargo all of the seats can be folded flat allowing you a greater area of storage. On top of that Geely even sells an inflatable bed accessory for the Okavango so you can turn the back of the vehicle into a sleeping area in case of emergencies or as a great place to relax during an outing. 

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