MG 5 Alpha Exterior Front Quarter Red Philippines

We had the MG5 Style on review already, but that was the mid-range variant in the lineup. MG Philippines and their subcompact line topper, the Alpha, was essentially a feature-packed sedan with items that would be normally reserved for higher-end cars. The Alpha variant shot us over the moon while experiencing everything while driving it because the Style variant is already good enough to be a top-level contender in its segment. 

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There’s much to like about the MG 5, but to keep it short and sweet, here are 5 things that we think are highlights on a very decorated spec sheet. 

The MG 5 Alpha boasts interior style and quality not found in many of its competitors at its sub P1,000,000 price point. Although some plastics are present, soft-touch leather is found in all the right places. From the armrests and to where your leg would meet the center console. The addition of a sunroof doesn’t exactly add any sort of functionality, but the option of opening it up on a nice open country road definitely adds to its value for money.

There are different steering options, Urban, Normal and Dynamic. A feature found only in more expensive cars, this gives the driver the opportunity to adjust the steering feel to their liking. For instance, if you’re navigating through a tight parking structure the Urban mode lightens the steering and turns the arduous task of searching for a slot into a piece of cake. 

Once you step into the MG 5 you are greeted by a massive Infotainment screen. Despite the fact you have to use it to fully access climate controls, it surely makes up for it with its great contrast and sharpness. It has capabilities for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, which matters to consumers with a smartphone – which is a lot of people. We like it mainly because of the convenience of having your navigation on screen rather than fumbling through your phone in traffic which is a definite no-no. The 360-camera also outputs to this screen and is a shock to have at this price bracket. We’ve only seen these systems in compact cars, never subcompacts. This is definitely a first, and it is one of the more appreciated features that we were able to use. 

2020 MG 5 Alpha Rear Cargo Space

Boot space is definitely ample for a sedan this size at over 500 liters, but the option to completely fold the rear seats to allow for larger objects to be carried is impressive. When you’re not carrying groceries enough for 3 months or so, the back seats place passengers with more than enough leg and headroom even when sitting behind a larger individual. 

2020 MG 5 Alpha Motorized Passenger Seats

Electronically-operated seats are always a good addition, but having it on both driver and passenger seats is almost unheard of at this price point or even in more expensive cars. The seats in the MG 5 offer substantial bolstering to keep you in place when cornering through twisty roads enthusiastically. To compliment all that, they are nicely upholstered with plush leather to make for a very comfortable experience even on long drives and lengthy stints in traffic. 

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