Nissan Navara 2020 intelligent mobility

In the Philippines, close-proximity driving is the norm that many soldiers through, day in and day out. Traffic has undoubtedly become a part of our everyday commute, and hours upon hours of time are lost in the hustle and bustle. Sometimes being in the car is your only solace from the chaos outside, but Metro Manila traffic can tax even the most grizzled of veterans. 

With that said, any car in today’s day and age should be convenient to use regardless of age. The convenience factor in cars has evolved to a point where the experience is nearly seamless. 

Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility, found in the new Navara pickup truck, is at the forefront of smart mobility, with a suite of features that are intuitive enough for an old dog to learn new tricks. Let this video show you.

Shot in Binondo and just in time for the Chinese New Year, the Nissan Navara showcases its smart features in the video. It also shows how easily they can be absorbed – both by newbie and veteran drivers alike. So, how do these intelligent tech toys work? Let's get down to the nitty-gritty.

Keyless Entry

nissan navara keyless entry review road test exterior philippines

Say what you want about keyless entry, but it is liberating to use. Leave the fob in your pocket, so you have access to your car at the touch of a button. Locking and unlocking have never been easier in the Nissan Navara, and once you go keyless, it’ll be a habit that’s hard to kick and it is all sorts of convenient cool. 

nissan navara push start stop ignition interior philippines

If you’re tired of having to bring out a key every time you need to start your car, then the push start/stop system is heaven-sent. Just keep the key in your pocket or bag – get in the Navara, step on the brake, push-to-start, and that’s it. Simple. 

nissan navara apple carplay interior

For the longest time, car infotainment systems were nothing but AM/FM radio tuners, cassette players, and disc readers. Now that full-color displays are on the center screens of cars, manufacturers and tech companies have worked hand in hand to make sure our smartphones integrate seamlessly into our vehicles. Nissan was able to do that with the Navara’s new infotainment system that allows for smartphone pairing and charging through only one cable – no need for car chargers, AUX cables, or dongles of any sort.

nissan navara hands free call interior

Taking a call while driving is dangerous and illegal. Meanwhile, taking a call using the Navara’s hands-free system is safer, ideal, and uber convenient. All you have to do is accept the call and the audio will be routed to the sound system, leaving your hands free to operate the steering wheel. 

nissan navara around view monitor interior philippines

Tantsa, or estimation, has been a staple for Filipino drivers for the longest time, but Nissan has a piece of tech that makes old-fashioned tantsa obsolete. The Nissan Navara’s Around View Monitor allows a bird’s eye view of the area surrounding the car. Close proximity driving will involve less guess-work with all of these cameras and sensors placed in key locations on the car. You won’t have to go into a parking spot blind or squeeze through a narrow road with anxiety. Just give a glance at the monitor, and go. 


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