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Are you looking for a vehicle salesperson who’s not going to mess you around? Do you want to find a professional who is critically approved by numerous customers before you? Do you want to find someone who responds quickly and efficiently answers the questions you have?

Well, look no further… 

AutoDeal’s new sales agent finder is here to match you with highly reviewed agents from your favorite vehicle brands across the Philippines. This new feature was recently launched in September 2020 and lists all of the participating agents from more than 450 partner dealerships in the country. From here, car-buyers who are steadfast in wanting the very best customer service can search for highly-rated agents from among all of the major automotive brands in the country. 

AutoDeal Sales Agents Search Page

Every sales agent on the AutoDeal platform will receive their very own sales agent profile, which will list several key metrics. Important information presented includes the number of sales registered on the platform, how long the agent has been an AutoDeal partner, and most importantly will list testimonials from buyers who have previously purchased through them.

AutoDeal Sales agents profile

Best performing agents will be significantly highlighted throughout the AutoDeal platform to further deliver on the promise of “Car Buying, Simplified.”

While our technology exists to support the customer, sales agents will continue to be an essential part of the purchase journey for many years to come. More often than not, the quality of a sales agent can be a crucial factor in defining the probability of whether or not a prospective customer pushes through with a purchase. As a result, we wanted to pay tribute to the high standards of professionalism that AutoDeal agents need to adhere to in order to be successful on our platform. This new sales agent feature does exactly that, while also offering sales agents a free microsite of themselves which they can publish through social media.

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