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We’ve received requests through our inbox to compare 2 compact sedans in the market today – the Toyota Corolla Altis and the Mazda3. It’s a fair comparison as their price tags put them on the same ground, but we have yet to see which one has the advantage when it comes to their overall features.

To know this, we’re taking the range-topping variants of both models on a head-to-head battle. For this comparo, the Toyota Corolla Altis 2.0 V AT and the Mazda3 Sedan 2.0 SkyActiv R AT slug it out to claim which one is the better Japanese compact sedan.


The Mazda3 sedan SkyActiv R AT takes this one by a hair. Its P1,205,000 price tag is P10,000 less expensive than the P1,215,000 retail price of the Toyota Altis 2.0 V AT. Although this may be not much of a difference for some, that difference can be used in purchasing accessories for your Mazda car, or an out-of-town trip with your beloved by the time you get your car. Nevertheless, let’s see if Toyota has something to make up for that gap.


Under the hood, both cars are powered by both brands’ latest engine technology that promises optimal performance. However, the Mazda3 sedan stood out in this section with its 2.0L SkyActiv-G engine that can produce up to 153 hp and 200 Nm of torque. This is at least 10 hp and 13 Nm stronger than the 2.0L Dual VVT-i engine of the Altis, which can max it out at 143 hp and 187 Nm of torque.

Moreover, the Mazda3 has i-STOP and i-ELOOP which can maximizes the use of fuel when the car is just idling. These characteristics definitely makes this sedan the winner at this point.


The Altis has a huge advantage in this round since it is 40 mm longer, 30 mm higher, and has a 70 mm longer wheelbase than the Mazda3. These numbers translate to a better leg- and head-room for the occupants. Although the Mazda3 has the advantage in its trunk capacity by 39L, the comfort of the people inside the car is more important; thus, we’re giving this round to the Toyota Altis.


As the top-of-the-line variants, you’ll get the best in terms of interior amenities for both cars. The Altis and the Mazda3 have leather seats with chrome embellishments which accentuate that premium feel. They are also equipped with automatic climate control system, electronic adjustable driver seat, push start button, and keyless entry.

However, the Mazda3 has a 7-inch touchscreen monitor with voice control function, as opposed to the simpler 2-DIN In-Dash head unit of the Altis. The convenience and the added value of a better head unit definitely suit the Mazda3 as the winner of this round.


Both cars are equipped with an array of safety tech features. Present on both are dual front airbags, Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) with Electronic Brake Force Distribution, immobilizer, and security alarm.

Despite these similarities, the Mazda3 takes this away from the Altis yet again with an extra curtain airbag and rear parking sensors. The former adds peace of mind to the occupants in case of collisions, while the latter aids the driver when backing up in a tight parking spot.


With all these mentioned, the Mazda3 sedan 2.0L SkyActiv R definitely has an edge over the Toyota Corolla Altis 2.0 V. The advantage in most sections gives this car the value for your money, while keeping it under the price tag of its tight competitor. However, if you consider Toyota’s brand reputation, as well as the availability of services and parts all over the country, then the Altis can be a good choice for you.

For the complete comparison details of the models above, check out the AutoDeal Car Comparison Tool.

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